If your job as safety coordinator or director, has you shaking your head and reaching for aspirin at the end of the day, you’re not alone. Identifying risks and preventing those risks can be an ongoing challenge for anyone in a safety position.  JLG has an immediate answer for ladder safety with its battery-operated personal portable lift!

JLG LiftPod

The JLG LiftPod FT70 Model has a platform height of 7 ft (13 ft working height) and the FT140 Model has a 13 ft 6 in. platform height (19 ft 6 in. working height). A smaller footprint allows it to fit through doorways, maneuver through tight spaces, and work in limited access areas.

360-degrees of motion without having to reposition coupled with a 33-pound capacity tool tray eliminates the need to go up-and-down making this piece of equipment a clear winner in the productivity department.

The LiftPod can be stowed and transported to the worksite in the back of a pickup truck or utility van and assembles in a matter of minutes. When finished, the LiftPod breaks down into four easy-to-carry pieces. 

One of the most notable and appreciated features is the enclosed platform with a larger standing surface area for user comfort, safety, and stability. A distinct evolution from the traditional ladder.

As if this equipment couldn’t be any more impressive… it runs on an 18V cordless drill or 40V lithium-ion power pack.

Both user safety and productivity has been answered with the JLG LiftPod.

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