Genie GS-1930 Scissor Lift

Perhaps one of the most common aerial work platforms is the scissor lift, Most notable is its scissor-like appearance which utilizes a hydraulic system to raise and lower the equipment. Hydraulic fluid maintains pressure on the lift while in an elevated state and pressure is released when lowered.

Scissor lifts are preferred because of their jobsite versatility and mobility. Compact and self-propelled these manlift machines are most often found in construction and facilities maintenance. Scissor lifts are used to elevate workers and their jobsite tools/materials safely* and efficiently to platform heights of 19 ft to 59 ft. Lending itself to increased jobsite productivity with repetitive tasks, scissors are great and options suitable for painting contractors, plasterers, industrial contractors, electricians, stockists, pickers, indoor installations, and much more.

Renting a scissor lift for your next project or job has never been easier! Because the use of a scissor lift is usually for a short period of time renting is also the most cost-effective solution. Aerial Work Platforms, Inc. (AWP) has you covered for your next rental with a wide-variety of scissor lift selections for your specific job needs.

Scissor lifts are available in two varieties based on application:

  • Slab Scissors are equipped with non-marking tires used on slab type surfaces such as finished concrete. Most often used indoors, slab scissors are battery-powered and great for navigating jobsites, fitting through doorways, lending access to restricted areas, and depending on weights capacity, can be loaded onto elevators.
  • Rough Terrain Scissors are typically larger and are equipped with tires that can travel rough or non slab terrain. These types of scissors are engine powered, generally used outdoors, and outriggers allow the equipment to be leveled on a slope.

Scissor lifts offer excellent jobsite convenience and mobility, however, each situation has its own unique requirements and restrictions, please be sure to reach out to Aerial Work Platforms, Inc. where our team is happy to assist you with equipment selections that best suit your needs 1-800-236-1000.

Per OSHA requirements aerial lift training and certification is required of operators. Aerial Work Platforms, Inc. is proud to provide OSHA certified safety training for all Aerial Equipment which includes scissor lifts, telescopic booms, and articulating booms. In addition, OSHA certified training for industrial and rough terrain forklifts is also available upon request.

*Always refer to equipment operating manual for safety, proper use, weight limits, and restrictions