Lakeside Painting

Aerial Work Platforms recently asked Paul Pausch, Operations Manager/Safety Director for Lakeside Painting in East Troy, Wisconsin why they continue to choose AWP for their aerial lift needs. Read on to see what he had to say:

AWP: How did you originally hear about us and what made you start doing business with Aerial Work Platforms, inc.

LP: We were originally solicited by the owner and wanted to develop a good working relationship with a reputable lift company.

AWP: What problem is AWP able to solve for you?

Paul: Providing us with the appropriate lift to access our work surfaces.

AWP: What do you like the most about AWP and our products?

Paul: The willingness to help in any situation that may arise.

AWP: What is the one thing that you think AWP should never stop doing?

Paul: Providing customer service that is hand above the competitors.

AWP: What made/makes you choose us over our competitors?

Paul: Our long-lasting business relationship.

AWP: Is there anything that our competitors do better than we do?

Paul: I’ll be honest, I have never rented a MEWP from any other company. Always AWP.

AWP: Can You provide an example of a time we have exceeded your expectations?

Paul: Needed a scissor at the last minute and was delivered on-site in a just a couple hours.

AWP: What do you like most about working with your AWP sales rep?

Paul: Willingness to do whatever it takes to provide me with the equipment I need. Always stand-up representatives!

AWP: Do you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback for AWP?

Paul: Increase your Nifty-lift and S40 inventory. Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing!