We recently conducted a Q & A session with Dan Neal, Madison Regional Construction Manager with J.F. Ahern Co. to find out why he chooses Aerial Work Platforms, Inc. (AWP) for their equipment rental needs.

Ahern is your partner on new construction or retrofit projects, servicing existing facilities, or proving prefabricated piping. Ahern consistently reduces its clients’ risk for projects and service requests of all sizes. With over 1,300 employees specializing in pipe fabrication, mechanical, and fire protection contracting, they offer measurable expertise and experience.

“Our purpose is to create and maintain systems that save lives, improve the environment, and ensure personal comfort and well-being.” – Dan Neal, Regional Construction Manager. | Jfahern.com

AWP: How did you originally hear about us and what made you start doing business with Aerial Work Platforms, Inc?

Dan: AWP has always been on the radar for us in the Janesville/Beloit area. The great customers service we have received has allowed us the relationship busing to have faith they can serve as a resource on any of our projects.

AWP: What problem is AWP able to solve for you?

Dan: Being a solid local go to. They always answer the call.

AWP: What do you like most/least about AWP and our products?

Dan: The quality folks that work there.

AWP: What’s the one thing that you think AWP should never stop doing?

Dan: Putting a face with a name. AWP is always looking to stay close with our staff.

AWP: What made/makes you choose us over our competitors?

Dan: Quality equipment, not a flash in the pan rental company. When mistakes or issues arise, there is never an excuse, just a solution.

AWP: How likely are you to recommend us to your colleagues on a scale from one to ten, with ten being the most likely?

Dan: 10

AWP: What do you like most about working with your AWP sales rep, Mark Haenel?

Dan: Relatable and doesn’t wait for us to call.